Paperflite stores the details of all your prospects and leads at ‘My Rolodex.’ Log in to Paperflite, move to the menu-bar on the left, and hover over the fourth icon from top. Click on ‘My Rolodex’ to see all your contacts.

Who are your contacts in Rolodex?

Contacts are people to whom you’ve sent content via Paperflite. When you share content with your prospects, their email id gets saved in Paperflite within the contacts section under ‘My Contacts’. In a nutshell, the email id of your contact is a unique identifier that gets tagged to him/her at Paperflite. You cannot have a different contact with the same email id.

On the other hand, ‘Global Contacts’ are people to whom other members of your team have interacted with using content. You can still see them in your contact list even if you’ve not sent them any content. However, the administrator of your Paperflite account needs to give you access to view Global Contacts.

You can share content with your prospects in two ways: either through Quick Send or through a personalized link.

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