Who Are Global Contacts?

Know how you can get access to the global contacts list in Paperflite

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At Paperflite, your contacts are identified by their email ids. All contacts are stored in 'My Rolodex' on the left hand pane of the Paperflite platform.

At Paperflite, there are two types of contacts - one that you reach out to yourself and one that other folks in your organization reach out to (who may not necessarily be the same ones that you reach out to).

As a user, you can still see the latter type in your contact list even if you’ve not engaged with them in the past.

While you can access the contacts whom you reach out to, the access to global contacts are provided by the administrator of your Paperflite account.

Here's a short video of how you can enable 'Global Contacts' to view all your connections within your organization.

Click here to know how to use Rolodex.

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