Paperflite lets you convert your content assets into URLs that you can share with your leads and prospects. So, instead of large attachments, viewers get simple URLs that they can instantly click and engage with their content.

Read our detailed guide on how to use the 'Generate Link' feature in Paperflite. Here's a quick video on that as well.

With Generate Link, you can protect your content with passwords, gate it with emails, and set expiry date and time.

However, the 'Generate Link' feature differs from 'QuickSend'. 

QuickSend is a powerful feature that lets you share content pieces externally, really quickly. It is your inbuilt email composer in Paperflite.

Use QuickSend to attach content from either Streams or Collections or from your local computer or URLs to send to your customers/prospects. Don’t forget to give your recipients the option to download and re-share the content.

Here is a quick video that tells you how you could use the QuickSemd feature in Paperflite.

Mails sent via QuickSend get synchronized with your emails, if you have integrated with your work mail.

With QuickSend, you can use email templates and widgets (asset tables etc.)

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