What is SSO?

Single Sign-On (SSO) refers to enabling a single set of credentials to access different applications. One password to rule them all (and in the darkness bind them?)

It's safer, saves your brain cells from having to remember an extra set of credentials and makes it even easier to log in to Paperflite.

How does Paperflite enable Microsoft Azure SSO?

Paperflite supports Microsoft Azure SSO via SAML 2.0. Short and sweet.

How do I set up Microsoft Azure SSO for our account?

Sign in to the Azure management portal using your Azure Active Directory administrator account.

Browse to the Azure Active Directory > [Directory] > Enterprise Applications, and select "New Application".

Select "Non-gallery application".

Enter the name of the application and click "Add".

Assign a test user to the application. (Required)

In the "Configure Single Sign-on" section, select "SAML-based Sign-on" in the "Single Sign-on Mode" dropdown.

Configure the SAML integration with the values given below:

Identifier (or) Entity ID: app.paperflite.com

Reply URL (or) ACS URL: https://auth.paperflite.com/saml/SSO

User Identifier: Select user.mail from the dropdown

Download the "SAML Signing Certificate" (Raw Metadata XML) and click the Save button.

After the setup is complete, submit the downloaded certificated to your customer success manager from Paperflite and we'll enable it in the backend for your account.

High Fives All Around! Single Sign On is now configured successfully for your app!

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