HubSpot is one of the most nimble and sought after CRM of a sales rep. HubSpot is particularly known for its integration story.

Any sales rep usually spends an incredible amount of time on the CRM filtering leads, polishing emails, following up, and so on; they most often begin and end the day in the CRM.

In this post, we explain how Paperflite can be integrated with HubSpot to make your content strategy stronger. Here's a quick video highlighting the steps:

Here are 3 simple steps that help you ease into the integration.

Step 1: Downloading Paperflite’s Chrome Extension

Step 2: Setting up in Paperflite

Step 3: Sending Mails & Viewing Content Engagement

Step 1: Downloading Paperflite’s Chrome Extension

On your Google Chrome browser, head over to the Google Web Store ( and search for Paperflite’s Chrome extension.

Click on ‘Add to Chrome’ to add the extension.

Then, click on ‘Add extension’.

The extension will now be added to your Chrome browser.

Now, click on the "Paperflite extension for Chrome" icon on your browser menu and login with your Paperflite credentials.

Once you’re logged in, you will notice a glimpse of all your assets in Paperflite on the extension.

Step 2: Setting up in Paperflite

This is a one-time task that sales reps need to perform.

Log in to your Paperflite account, go to Settings and click on Integrations.

Then, activate the HubSpot integration.

Authenticate the HubSpot integration.

Make sure you are logged on to your HubSpot Account

Save your preferences for content engagement by your target audience such as:

  1. A contact/lead views an asset

  2. A contact/lead views a collection

  3. A contact/lead re-shares a collection

Step 3: Sending mails and viewing content engagement

Now, head over to your HubSpot account and you're ready to send an email to your customers. Notice the Paperflite button at the bottom of the mail. Click on the button to open your content in Paperflite.

You can even access your content in Paperflite via the templates in HubSpot

When you have sent your emails, you are now ready to view content intelligence. While you’re in your HubSpot account, move to the activity to track content engagement after you’ve sent emails.

Now, move back to Paperflite for learn deeper content intelligence.

Click on each asset to know how your target audience has engaged with your content.

Your integration with HubSpot is now complete.

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