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As an administrator, you will learn how to you tweak the settings in Paperflite to match your brand.

Step 1

As an administrator, you can edit your company’s logo, favicon, name, URL, banner image, and description. Log into Paperflite and on the homepage, click on Settings on the left-hand pane. Go to Account Management in Settings.

Step 2

On the bottom of the same page, you’ll find the button where you can provide users in your organization access to My Hub. My Hub hosts all company-approved content that users can pick to share with external parties.

Click on the button to switch on/off a user’s access to My Hub. It will enable access to your teams to curate and distribute content from it.

Step 3

Similarly, click on the button to provide a user access to ‘Global Contacts,’ which are people to whom other members of your team have interacted using content. You can still see them in your contact list even if you’ve not sent them any content.

When a user has access to My Hub, he can see all content that is produced by his organization, which he can include in his Collections to share with his clients/prospects externally.

A user who does not have access to My Hub will not know about the latest content that is being uploaded in Paperflite. However, the user can still import content from his/her local computer and add them to Collections. Click here to know how.

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