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Learn the process of setting yourself up as a user in Paperflite

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You will learn to set yourself up as a user at Paperflite.

Getting started with Paperflite as a user is as easy as you can imagine. If you’re part of an organization, then you’ll be invited by your Paperflite administrator.

All Paperflite users will have their work email ids as their default user names (that cannot be changed.) Access to the Paperflite platform via their user names is controlled by the administrator of your company. If you'd like to know who is the Paperflite administrator of your company, feel free to reach us at

If you’re a lone warrior, you will be the sole administrator for your business. Here's the link to setting yourself up as an administrator.

Step 1

When you are invited by your Paperflite administrator, you'll receive an email on your work email id that looks like the below screenshot. Click on the ‘Accept Invite’ link.

Step 2

Once you click on ‘Accept Invite’, you’ll be prompted to the Paperflite platform, i.e.,

By default, your email id will already be populated in the 'Work Email' field.

Create a secure password and don’t forget to agree to the terms and conditions before signing up.

Enter your first name and last name as you'd like to be displayed on the Paperflite app.

Still need help? Send us your queries at and we'll be glad to assist.

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