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Learn how you can create Streams that are master folders of company-approved content.

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3 things that you’ll learn in this post

  1. What are Streams and why do you need them?

  2. How Streams can be created?

  3. How assets can be added to Streams?

What are Streams and why do you need them?

Streams are groups of assets created/published by your organization and hosted in different formats.

This is where all the content created from the various corners of your organization resides. Streams are hosted at ‘My Hub’ as it is the origin of all content assets at Paperflite. They're master folders where company-approved content is hosted.

How do you create Streams?

Step 1

On the Paperflite menu-bar, go to ‘My Hub.’ Click on ‘Create New Stream’ on the top-right corner of your screen. Name your Stream and add a cover image (also known as a thumbnail) that is appropriate to the theme of the Stream.

Step 2

Add in a brief description of what content the Stream hosts. When you’re done, hit ‘Create’ at the bottom.

Step 3

Now that the Stream has been created, it is now time for you to add content assets to it. Content can be added in four ways:

  1. From other Streams and Collections in Paperflite - You can add content from existing content hosted in Paperflite to the Stream that you just now created.

  2. ‘Drag & Drop’ from your local computer - This option allows you to add content stored in your computer

  3. Add a weblink - This option lets you to add a URL to the Stream.

  4. Content Source inside a stream. Check this article out for more details on this method.

Click on Upload once you choose the content that you would like to upload.

That’s not all, there’s so much more to using Streams. Click here to know how to make Streams work for you.

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