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Explore how you can share content with your internal teams using Stream Access

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Content that is created for use within the organization can be shared with specific individuals or teams.

Administrators can invite their team members to view/contribute new pieces of content to Streams. Click here to know how you can set yourself up as an administrator. Stream owners can give their team members access to their Streams.

There are two ways users can get access to streams

Step 1 (For Administrators)

Log in to Paperflite. On the left-side pane, choose My Hub to access the Streams. Then, select the Stream that you’d like to give access to.

Step 2

Once you enter a Stream, click on Manage User Access, and search for the users or user groups you want to provide access to.

Make sure you give them the option to Read so they can view the assets in the Stream and/or the Write option so they can contribute to the Stream.


Step 3 (For owners of Streams)

Alternatively, Stream owners can choose to whom to give access to.

Head to Settings and click on Stream Access Management.

Click on the stream you want to provide access to from the List of private streams and select the user/s to whom you’d like to provide access.

Hooray! You’re all set!

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