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Using the 'Compose' Feature
Using the 'Compose' Feature

Use Compose in Paperflite to send content externally, really quickly.

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2 things that you’ll learn in this post

  1. How to use Compose?

  2. How to add assets in a jiffy in Compose?

A lot of content is produced to be shared outside your organization. In this post, let’s look at how you send it outside your organization.

Imagine yourself having just gotten off after a good conversation with a customer who is eager to try your solution/service. You don’t have a moment to lose. How do you act fast?

It’s simple – use Compose. It is a powerful feature that lets you share content pieces externally, really quickly.

Step 1

On the Paperflite home page, click on the Compose icon in the left-hand pane.

Step 2

Notice how you have basic text in the mail that you could customize. You can even select the email template and insert widgets to suit your needs. Click on 'Select template' and 'Insert widget.'

Step 3

Attach content from either Streams or Collections or from your local computer or URLs to send to your customers/prospects. Don’t forget to give your recipients the option to download and re-share the content. You can also remove content that you do not need.

Useful tip #1: Remember to integrate with your email service provider to sync all mails sent via QuickSend.

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