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Add Groups to Streams
Add Groups to Streams

You can arrange your content meticulously in a Stream. Learn more about it.

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You’ve added content to your Streams and you’re now looking to organize it. How do you do that?

On the Paperflite homepage, go to My Hub to access your Streams. Click on a Stream. The top-menu in each stream has a number of functions. Let us explore how they work.

Adding Groups in Streams

When you’re inside a Stream, you can create a group to cluster together your assets. For example, if you’ve got a Stream called Thought Leadership for various industries, you could cluster them industry-wise such as telecom, media, financial services etc. in to what we call ‘Groups.’

Step 1

 To create a group, click on ‘Add Group.’ Name it appropriately and click on ‘Create’.

Your group has now been created and is ready for use.

Step 2

On the top-menu, notice the option to add assets too. Click on it to add Assets from other Streams/Collections, from your local computer or web links.

Creating Sub-Groups

You can create further sub-groups inside each group. So, for example, if you’ve added a lot of content for each business line in your company, you might wish to sub-divide it further into content forms such as videos, white papers, infographics etc.

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