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Copy Assets in Streams
Copy Assets in Streams

Know how to copy assets in Streams to other Streams and Collections

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What if you’d like to create a copy of an asset in a different Stream or a Collection? Let us look at how we could do this.

Step 1

Log in to Paperflite. Go to ‘My Hub’ and choose a Stream. When you’re inside a Stream, select click on ‘Copy’ on the top.

Step 2

You’ll notice checkbox buttons next to the assets that you could click on. Select the assets that you’d like to copy and click on ‘Copy’.

Step 3

Then, choose the Stream or Group where you’d like to copy the asset into. Note that you cannot copy an asset and place it in the same Stream (i.e., the same Stream from where you’re copying the asset from).

Click on ‘Confirm’ once you’ve finished choosing the Streams where you wanted to place the assets.

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