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Learn how to edit a Collection in Paperflite

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Collections are groups of assets that can be shared with folks external to the organization. These can consist of a variety of different forms of assets such as PDF, DOCX, PPT, MP4, GIFs, MP3, Wistia and Vimeo, etc. i.e., any content that can convince your client/prospect.

And, more importantly it’s always out there for you doing its job no matter what business you’re engaged with.

Imagine using Collections in email campaigns, your clients/prospects could view them anytime they want and get back to you using your contacts that appear on the top right. 

But, collections once created are not permanent artifacts. You can alter them any way you choose. A Collection can be renamed or deleted.

There are a lot more ways to tweak a Collection when you land inside one. You can change its name, insert placeholders inside the text, add new assets (or delete existing assets) and change the background image.

Here are various ways how you can make Collections work for you:

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