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Turn a Collection Live

Find out how you can turn a Collection Live so your leads know about it

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Imagine if you’ve shared a Collection with a prospect sometime back. You realize that you’d like to add more assets to it and let them know about it. Let us see how you can do this.

Step 1

Log in to Paperflite at When you’re logged in, choose My Collections on the left-hand menu-bar.

Step 2

Open a Collection that you’d like to make live.

Step 3

Head to the three dots on the top right corner and toggle on the ‘Live Collection’ option.

Step 4

In the next screen, choose the option to notify recipients every time you make a change to the Collection. Click on ‘Confirm’ once you’re done. If you do not wish to notify them, leave this option unchecked.

Note that turning a ‘Live Collection’ off lets you edit your collection, but your recipients will not know about the changes you’ve made.

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