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Personalizing a Collection

Discover how you can personalize a Collection

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Collections can be edited/personalized based on the needs of your prospects to make it visually appealing for them. In this post, let us understand how this is done.

Step 1

Log in to the Paperflite app. Go to ‘My Collections’ and click on a Collection that you’d like to edit.

Step 2

When you’re inside a Collection, click on ‘Edit Collection’ at the top menu-bar.

Step 3

You’ll notice there are many ways you can edit the Collection. Let us look at each of these.

  • Click on 'Add Logo' if you would like to change the Logo or add a Logo of your choice.

  • 'Add Section' - You can define the flow of a collection by adding multiple sections

  • Click on ‘Add Asset’ if you’d like to add more assets to the Collection. The ‘Add Asset’ feature lets you add newer assets from existing collections, streams or from your local system. Click here to know how to add assets.

  • Then, click on ‘Edit Banner’ if you’d want to change the default background image that you see in a Collection. Upload a new background image from the local drive in your computer or from within Paperflite/Pexel - one that suits the Collection that you're putting together.

You can edit the heading of your Collection as well, which will eventually change the name of the Collection. Feel free to add more text to the default text that you see in a Collection and use placeholders to aid you. You can even bold your text, change its alignment, insert hyperlinks and edit your text into headline/paragraph forms.

You’ll also notice that in the edit mode, every asset has a ‘X’ mark attached to it, which means you can delete an asset from a Collection.

Once you’re done with your changes, don’t forget to hit ‘Save changes’ for them to take effect.

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