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Discover how you can track and measure how effective your content is with our analytics suite

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Analytics is a core element of Paperflite. We call it ‘Audience Intelligence.’ Each piece of your content – whether it is a video, an image or a Microsoft Word document – it is measured for its efficacy, i.e., how well is it accepted by your audience.

That includes the number of times a content piece has been viewed/downloaded, time spent across it, number of re-shares discovery metrics, engagement rates etc.

Not just that – Paperflite measures analytics for your prospects as well. Let us look at the various ways how you can measure analytics at Paperflite.

How does measuring analytics help you?

Content analytics is sought by different teams across the organization to know how their content is performing amongst their employees, customers and prospects. Knowing how these metrics load up, you can accurately judge how your content is performing online, and the portions where you need to invest more of your effort in order to better the user experience.

There are different ways to measure analytics on Paperflite that has been explained in the below links:

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