Every asset is valuable because it can convince the prospect to consider your offering more than the competition. Paperflite lets you pull out analytics for every asset in a number of ways – through Streams, Collections and Conversations. Let us see how we could get asset analytics.

Log in to Paperflite through https://app.paperflite.com. On the home page, go to ‘My Collections’ and click on a collection. 

When you click on an asset, you can see the analytics load up at the left-hand bottom of your screen.

Let us now understand the various aspects of analytics that measure up. Just below the name of the asset you notice the size of the document, its nature and its length.

In the picture above, notice the number of views for the document, downloads, re-shared and the average time spent on the document. The graph shows the average time spent on each page of the document. Hover your cursor on each bar to know the average time spent on each page of the document. 

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