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Prospect Analytics

Know how you can measure prospect analytics using Paperflite

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Every contact engages with your content in various ways. Some view it extensively, some re-share it, and some download it for future reference. This feature gives you contact-level analytics. When you pull up a contact name, you know the assets that have been shared with them by you: the number of views, downloads, and the time spent on the asset. That way, you know when to follow up with your customers/prospects based on how they’ve engaged with your content.

Log in to Paperflite at Https:// On the homepage, click on ‘Global Search’ in the top left corner of the Content Hub.

Step 1

Search for the contact for whom you’d like to view the analytics. Click on the Contact.

The above screenshot shows how analytics is displayed for a contact with whom a Collection has been shared. Let us look into every aspect of the analytical data point that you can capture.

  • Notice the name of the Collection shared and the assets hosted in it.

  • The time spent on the Collection by the prospect.

  • Hovering around the ‘open envelope’ icon the hand icons tell you the last time the Collection was opened and clicked respectively.

  • This Collection is unique in that it contains a video, a couple of web links, a couple of PDF documents, and an image.

  • Hover on the timeline of the video to learn how the video was viewed.

  • The website analytics tell you when was the last time they were viewed.

  • The PDF documents show page-level analytics and the page in which the prospect has spent maximum time. Note that each of these PDFs has also been downloaded once.

This is how the entire Collection is analyzed for asset engagement and presented to the sender.

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