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Learn how you can change your password and keep your Paperflite account safe.

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There are two ways you can change your Paperflite password. The first is through the app, which we will explain first.

Here’s how you get this done.

Step 1

Log in to Paperflite at and head over to the menu-bar on the left. Click on ‘Settings,’ which is the second button from the bottom. You will now be on the ‘Profile’ section of the ‘Settings’ panel.

Step 2

Notice the section to change your password. Enter your ‘Old Password,’ and then enter the ‘New Password’ that you want. Re-enter your new password to confirm it.

Once you’ve updated your password, don’t forget to save the changes. There you go – your password is now changed.

There is yet another way to change your Paperflite password, especially if you do not recollect it. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1

On any browser, go to

Step 2

Click on ‘Forgot Password’ on the webpage.

Step 3

Now, enter your email address and click on ‘Continue.’

Step 4

You will receive the link to change your password in your email that you use to log in to Paperflite.

Step 5

Here’s how the email will look. Click on ‘Reset Password’ button to reset your password.

Step 6

Enter your new password and confirm it. Click on ‘Reset’ for the change to take effect.

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