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Learn how you can create effective email templates in Paperflite

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Using an email template allows you to write better copy instead of spending time drafting emails from scratch. You can simply add better content to your existing drafts and send it to your prospects/customers.

At Paperflite, we’ve enabled the ability to create email templates that you can readily pull up and start running with it.

Let us now see how we can create email templates.

Step 1

Log in to Paperflite at and move to the Settings button which is the second from the bottom.

Step 2

Click on Email Templates and you will see a page as shown below. This is where the email templates you have created are stored.

Step 3

Click on Create new template to get started.

There are a lot of handy features that are available while creating templates, let’s explore these.

i) Naming the template: You can name the template in a way that makes it easier for your team to access when sending emails to different recipients.

ii) Secondly, you have the option to set a template as public or default.

The Set as Public button allows everybody in your organization to view and use the template.

You also have the option to set a specific template as the default one for your team - don’t forget to enter a subject line.

iii) Text Customization: You have options to choose the font, size, colour as per your preference and personalize it in a way that best suits your company.

iv) Image and Links: In order to add an image or link, all you need to do is put your cursor where you want it placed and click on the icons for image or link.

For Image: When you click on the image icon, you will be directed to a text box. Here, choose the image and customize the dimensions accordingly

Click on Save and your image will appear on the email where you had placed the cursor.

For Links: Click on the link icon and you will see a text box to insert and edit the link.

Once you click Save, the link will appear with the text you’ve chosen to display according to where your cursor was placed.

v) Placeholder and Source Code: You can also edit the source code and insert placeholders and widgets

Editing the source code: If you already know a bit of html and you want to change the formatting further, you can just click on the ‘<>’ and edit the existing code

Insert Placeholder: This feature enables you to add placeholders within the text you send.

If you want to personalize it according to First Name, Company, etc, all you need to do is insert these placeholders within the text and it will automatically take in the name or company from the recipient's mail and insert it there.

While the first three placeholders can just be added directly and will be taken from your recipient’s mail, the signature requires an extra step.

All you need to do is go to profile in Settings and you will see an option to customize your signature. Click Save Changes and your email signature will successfully be saved.

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