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Freshsales Integration
Freshsales Integration

Learn how the Paperflite-Freshsales integration can supercharge your sales campaigns.

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As a salesperson, your number one priority is selling stuff that makes your customers happy and come back for more. Period. Nothing else matters in sales.

At Paperflite, we always put ourselves in your shoes and think how as a salesperson, you’d want everything neatly sorted to make you a rock star at sales. We don’t want you to be dealing with a cluttered work environment when you’re selling.

That is why we’ve integrated with leading CRM players like Freshsales, Salesforce, Pipedrive etc. so you don’t waste time on different platforms to get your job done.

Here's a link to our webpage that explains the benefits of the Paperflite-Freshsales integration.

In this post, we’ll quickly look at how you can get the Freshsales integration done seamlessly.

Read our detailed post below for a step-by-step integration process.

Step 1:

On your Google chrome browser, head over to the Google Web Store ( and search for Paperflite’s Chrome extension.

Click on Add to Chrome to add the extension.

Then, click on Add extension.

The extension will now be added to your Chrome browser.

Now, click on the Paperflite extension for Chrome icon on your browser menu and login with your Paperflite credentials.

Once you’re logged in, you will notice a glimpse of all your assets in Paperflite on the extension.

Step 2

Log in to your Paperflite account at and head over to Settings > Integrations. Now, activate Freshsales.

In a separate tab, log in to your Freshsales account.

Step 3:

You need 2 key things to proceed (apart from your Freshsales domain name). They are: API Key and the Analytics Key (this can be obtained only by your Paperflite administrator.)

Let us look at how we get these:


To get your API key, head over to your Freshsales account. On the top right corner, Click your profile picture > Select Profile Settings.

Choose the API Settings tab and verify.

In the Settings tab, click on API SETTINGS and copy the API key.

Analytics key:

Paperflite administrators can find the Analytics key in their Freshsales account, by clicking on Settings > Admin settings.

Once you enter the Admin settings, head to Website Tracking, Integrations, and APIs tab and Click on CRM Code Library.

After entering the library, click on Get started alongside Java.

Copy the Analytics Key.

Plug the API Key and the Analytics Key in here. For users (others than administrators), the Analytics Key will be already populated.

Step 4:

Add the respective Domain Name for the integration and While you’re at it, don’t forget to select the events that you wish to track. Save Changes when you’re done.

That's it, you're all set!

Step 5

Now, let us see how, you can send mails from Freshsales while accessing your content from Paperflite.

In your Freshsales account, select the leads/contacts you want to mail.

Type out the email, as you would normally. Notice the Paperflite icon at the bottom of the email.

When you click the Paperflite icon, you can see your Collections, Streams & Favorites. Click on the pieces that you wish to attach.

Toggle the switch between Contact and Lead based on whom you are mailing. Enter the name of the link as you wish to appear in your email.

Your email is now ready to sail!

In your Freshsales account, notice how each activity of your contacts and leads gets recorded.

In Paperflite, click on Home to know the contact-level analytics. This gives you broad insights about how your contacts engaged with your content in your email campaign.

Or, you could view the analytics for each asset. Click on the asset that you shared and observe the numbers that load up. You will also get notifications when your leads/contacts view/download your content.

To know how you could track content analytics at every stage of your sales journey, click here.

Click here to know how Paperflite's integration with Freshsales can help you discover content engagement rates for your campaigns and emails.

Still need help? Send us your queries at and we'll be glad to assist.

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