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Learn how you can work with Paperflite's Chrome extension

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Google's Chrome extensions are tiny widgets that sit on top of your browser that make your browser more powerful.

Paperflite's Chrome extension lets you keep a tab on how your leads are interacting with your content.

Once you start using it, you’ll wish you knew about it sooner.

Here's how you can put Paperflite's Chrome extension to use.

Step 1

On your Google chrome browser, head over to the Google Web Store ( and search for Paperflite’s Chrome extension.

Click on ‘Add to Chrome’ to add the extension.

Then, click on ‘Add extension’.

The extension will now be added to your Chrome browser.

Now, click on the Paperflite extension for Chrome icon on your browser menu and login with your Paperflite credentials.

Once you’re logged in, you will notice a glimpse of all your assets in Paperflite on the extension.

What's more? Every time your lead engages with your content, you'll receive notifications from Chrome. So, that way you can know which asset is generating their interest and use that insight to drive your next conversation.

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