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Learn how you can integrate with Klenty to power through your lead pipeline

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As a sales rep, what if you'd like to know which content is driving more engagement with your lead lists?

You're not content with just open rates and click rates, what you're looking for is actionable insights on prospects that are more likely to close and will need to be nurtured for a bit longer.

Paperflite's integration with Klenty is your answer. It accelerates your sales prospecting and drives more qualified leads to your SDRs.

Here's how you get it done.

Before you begin, ensure you’ve installed Paperflite’s Chrome extension for Gmail. Here's how you install it.

Step 1

This is a one-time task that the administrator of your Klenty account needs to perform.

It can be done in 2ways:

  1. Company API Key – All users of the same company can use the same key. (Recommended)

  2. User API Key – Unique to a particular user and cannot be used by anybody else.

Log in to your Klenty account. Head over to Settings and go to Prospect custom fields. In the field name, enter this exact term "PaperfliteLink" (without spaces) and click on Save.

Notice the Company API key field. Click on ‘GenerateNEW’ to generate API Key. Copy the API Key.

If it is for an individual user, go to Settings -> User Preferences -> Klenty API Key ->Click on Generate -> Copy the API Key 

Head back to Paperflite account. Log in to the same account which you used to log in to the Chrome extension. Go to Settings-> Integrations

Click on Klenty to activate your Paperflite – Klenty Integration.

Paste the API Key that you copied above in the Company API Key field / User API Key and click on Save Changes.

In order to sync your contacts in Klenty with Paperflite, click on ‘Sync with Paperflite.’ That way all your contacts in Klenty will be synced with Paperflite and they will have a unique Paperflite URL (click on a contact name -> Custom Field -> note the PaperfliteLink).

Step 2

Now, let us see how we add your awesome content in Paperflite to your email templates in Klenty for cadences.

To send emails to your customers, in your Klenty account, go to Cadences-> Templates -> Create New Template. Write your mail and observe the Paperflite icon at the bottom right of the mail. Click on this icon to attach assets/collections from your Paperflite account.

Clicking on the Paperflite icon will take you to your content in Paperflite. Click on the Assets/Collections that you wish to send to your prospect.

So now you could view the analytics for each asset. Click on the asset that you shared under conversations and observe the numbers that load up. You will also get notifications when your leads/contacts view/download your content.

To know how you could track content analytics at every stage of your sales journey, click here.

Still need help? Send us your queries at support@paperflite.com and we'll be glad to assist.

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