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Salespeople spend a lot of time speaking with customers either on the phone or in the field.

They need content to back their pitches and show their clients what their solutions can do.

Paperflite's iPad app enables salesfolks to reach for their content as and when they need it.

In this post, we'll see how our iPad app can help you make you more efficient while you're out there in the field.

One quick prerequisite though: You need to have a registered account in Paperflite before you access the iPad/iPhone app.

Setting up on the iPad app

Go to Apple App Store and download the app using this link. When you've downloaded the app, log in it using your Paperflite credentials.

Below is the screenshot of Paperflite's homepage in iPad.

Click on the bell icon on the top right of your screen. Notice how the notifications from your audience's engagement with content load up. It shows how your leads/prospects have interacted with the content that you've sent them.

The homepage

Then, click on the menu at the far top-left of your screen to open the menu bar. You'll notice all the features that you have in the web app, i.e., Collections, Content Hub, Compose, and Search.

Click on 'Collections' to view and edit the awesome pieces of content that you've assembled.

Where is this most useful?

Imagine you're at a client's place and want to showcase your content to him using your Collections at Paperflite. You can do it even if you don't have internet connectivity. Don't forget to ensure you view the content pieces that you wish to showcase before your meeting.

Adding content to the iPad app

You can add content to your Collections on iPad seamlessly. Click on a Collection and click on the '+' sign to add more content to it.

Generate Link

Remember the awesome 'Generate Link' feature? Click here if you'd like a refresher. The best thing is you have the same feature in the iPad app as well.

Click on the link sign at the top of the Collection to generate a link for your prospect. You can create personalized links and anonymous links as you could in the Paperflite web app.

Share Collections

You can share Collections from the iPad app by clicking on the share icon at the top of the screen. Feel free to customize your email message.

Sharing content when you're out in the field

Now, imagine you're attending an event or a conference and you'd like to use the Paperflite iPad app to display content to your audience and share it with them.

Or, imagine manning a booth at an event and you'd like to keep your content in a 'kiosk' mode and display it? You're mindful that your audience can browse through the content that is meant for them, yet they don't have access to the rest of your stuff on Paperflite.

Well, we've thought about that too. :) Read our blog on this topic.

On a Collection that you've assembled, click on the lock icon at the far right corner.

You have three options to line up your content: Masonry, Carousel, and Presentation.

You need to create a numeric passcode irrespective of the modes you select.

To exit the 'kiosk' mode, click on the unlock icon and re-enter the passcode that you've provided earlier. This way, your content remains safe and secure.

Content Hub

Next, click on Content Hub to access your streams and assets that have been published by your company.

Viewing Analytics

Now, it's to view analytics for your amazing content and engage your leads in insightful conversations. Let us see how we get this done.

Navigate to 'Conversation' to View Analytics.

Click on a recent conversation to get deeper analytics for your content. Notice how get the time spent by your lead on an asset that you've recently shared.


Discover Content through the 'Search' section.


Use Compose to share content with your recipients via Email.

Seamless synchronization

Now, imagine yourself working in offline mode on the iPad app. You've made some changes to Collections and Streams. Don't worry about losing your changes because you were offline.

On the left-hand pane of the iPad, notice the 'Sync' button at the bottom. Click on it to synchronize all the changes that you made while you were offline. Cool, isn't it?

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