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How it all began?

Tracking the beginnings of Paperflite

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Every business has had an origin somewhere. Sometimes it is that eureka moment where the idea suddenly strikes and entrepreneurs put in all their effort to make it big.

At other times, it is over umpteen cups of coffee and empty dawdling that they fine-tune their ideas before it sees the light of the day.

But, in all cases, what stands out is that once the idea has been zeroed in, there is laser-sharp focus on making it work, i.e., solving an existing problem or finding an efficient way to solve it.

In this post, we will look into how Paperflite was created and what went into the initial thought process behind its creation.

Why should you know this?

Simply because in the SaaS economy that we live in, people buy and sell over the internet or over the phone and there is hardly any way to know more about who we’re doing business with.

Okay, having said that, let’s look into how we started.

There were three basic myths that our founders were looking to bust after having experienced them firsthand in their previous avatars as leaders of enterprise-wide teams/projects where they relied on content to sway the audience their way:

Myth #1

Content produced by marketing teams is easily measured for its success.

Truth – No, most marketers struggle to measure the true ROI of the money spent in producing content. Too often, they rely on vanity metrics such as likes on social media platforms to know the value of their content. But, there ought to be a more scientific method to know the true value of the content produced in an organization.

Paperflite helps salespeople and marketers what their customers are looking for and gives you the deep insights into their engagement patterns (such as views, downloads, re-shares, time spent etc.). How does this help? It tells salespeople what their customers are doing with their content so that more meaningful content can be produced and shared.

Myth #2

Marketing and sales teams happily co-exist and work in a mutually cohesive manner such that content produced by the former is easily found by the latter.

Truth – No, that is seldom the case. Rarely do salespeople know the content that exists in their organizations, more so in large organizations. In fact, about 65% of the content that marketing creates never gets found and used.

Content created by marketing teams is seamlessly pushed to sales teams in real-time so they can easily plan their outreach to prospects/customers. Paperflite also integrates with content storage platforms such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive so you’re never too far away from your content.

Myth #3

The content that is produced in an organization can never be personalized for the target audience.

Truth – No, content can be personalized with prospects in a manner that they clearly know the value prop and can easily make the purchasing decision based on it.

We value the time (or the lack of it!) that salespeople have. Paperflite lets you instantly create personalized micro-sites that resonate with any audience in a single click. No matter if it is a one-off meeting with a prospect or large sales campaigns – your content can be made available to your clients without breaking a sweat. Salespeople no longer have to plunge into their inboxes to dig out the most recent conversation that they've had. Every piece of content shared with prospects/customers is neatly organized and indexed for easy retrieval.

Paperflite busts these three myths. We know that great content produces not just better conversations with customers, but undeniably better customers.

Most times, in B2B enterprises, content sits in large repositories before petering out without a soul knowing what happened to it despite spending valuable time, effort and money on it. This is the gap that Paperflite bridges by bringing sales and marketing teams together.

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