Where Do I Store My Content?

Learn where and how you can store content in Paperflite

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Geez, you've just signed up Paperflite.

Well, congratulations! You are now a part of a rapidly growing tribe of users who're making their customers happy with their content.

So now that you are in as an administrator, where do you store your awesome content in Paperflite? Or, where do you retrieve your content from? More simply, how do you discover content in Paperflite?

All these questions have the same answer - My Hub.

Log in to Paperflite with your credentials. Then, head over to Settings - Account Management and scroll down to the bottom where you see Account Settings.

By default, 'My Hub' will on a switched off mode. Click the toggle button to turn it on and you will notice that 'My Hub' option appears on the left hand pane.

Now, you have access to all content that is being published by your teams and you can even import content from other external sources to this hub.

As an administrator, when you switch 'My Hub' on, other team members also gain access to streams. They can use it to discover new content or include content from their Streams to their Collections.

To know how to add/remove/edit streams in 'My Hub' and connecting other data sources to it, click here.

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