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Organize Your Content - Add Sections
Organize Your Content - Add Sections

Learn how to add sections and help present your content in a way that increases discoverability.

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We often struggle with organizing our content. Not if you're a Paperflite user. Our platform gives you a lot of options to keep your content in an orderly manner.

In this post, let us look at how you can create sections within Collections and Streams in Paperflite.

What is a section?

A section is an additional layer of organization that you can add to your content. 

Where can you add them? 

Sections can be added into two places:

  • Collections - This will help you organize content for your end users and make it easier for them to find the right piece of content with ease.  

  • Content Hub - To organize content within your organization and promote discoverability. Here is how your content is organized in your hub: Streams>Sections>Groups>Assets.

How do you add a section to a collection?

Step - 1:

Open a collection from 'Collections’ and hit the Edit Collection option. 

Step - 2:

Choose the Add Section option as shown below :

Step - 3:

Enter a name for your section and add the files you desire.

Step - 4:

Hit ‘Save’ and then ‘Save Changes’ to create your section!

Watch a video on how this works:

How do you add a section in a Stream?

Open any stream and on the top right of the page choose the ‘Add Section’ option. The rest of the procedure is similar to the one stated above. 

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