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Stop Using Passwords - Single Sign-On
Stop Using Passwords - Single Sign-On

Learn how to use your organization’s Google suite to sign into Paperflite.

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How many passwords can you remember? Or, let us put it this way - how many passwords do you remember?

Possibly two? At max three. 

Forget remembering passwords, hitting the 'Forgot Password' link has become second nature to us.

Not if you're using Paperflite, which gives you an option to use your Google sign-on credentials with Paperflite.

What is Single Sign-On?

Single Sign-On allows you to log into Paperflite using your work gmail account. Using this feature you will not have to enter your password every time you log into Paperflite.

How to use Single Sign On?

Step - 1
Log into Gmail from your browser. 

Step - 2
Go to and enter your username name. It will automatically log you into the Paperflite app. 

Watch a video to know how easily you can sign on to Paperflite.

Note: The Gmail account you are trying to log into Paperflite with must be an active user.

Don't forget to read our blog when we introduced it (especially if you're a Game of Thrones Fan!).

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