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Distribution Lists

Learn how to use Distribution Lists in Paperflite.

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Distribution List enables the user to send content to multiple sets of audience at the same time.

Using Distribution Lists is an easier and better way to do it, instead of populating every email id in the 'To,' 'CC', and 'BCC' fields. Here's how you do it in Paperflite.

In this article, we are going to learn the below things:

  1. How to create a distribution list

  2. How to edit a distribution List

  3. How to add and remove contacts in a distribution list

  4. How does the distribution list look after you share it with the customers

1. How to create a Distribution List?

Distribution lists are used to initiate conversations with multiple contacts in a single go. The distribution list feature will help you save time. Initiate conversations with multiple contacts by adding them to a distribution list.

Step - 1

Head to your Settings > Select Distribution Lists > Select Create New List at the top.

Step - 2

Give your distribution list a name, select the contacts you want to add to your list or you can upload a CSV and hit Add to create your distribution list.

Note: Please ensure that you download the sample CSV Template so it is uploaded in the right format.

2. How to Edit a Distribution list?

To edit a distribution list, choose a Distribution list > click on Edit.

You can edit a list, remove contacts, and update a particular contact by clicking on the particular contact and choosing the Update a contact option.

Please note: As per implementation, the First name, Last name, Title, Company are editable, whereas the email field isn’t editable. Most platforms do not allow rectifications of email once uploaded.

3. How to add and remove contacts in a distribution list

Adding a contact: To add any new contact to a list > Choose a particular list > Select Add contacts option.

You can add a new contact by either Uploading a CSV or individually creating a new contact.

Deleting :

To delete a list, choose the specific list > choose the delete option > Confirm.

To delete a contact, Choose a specific contact > Delete contact > Confirm.

Please note: All the analytics and shares will also get deleted, if you delete a contact. You can check the respective analytics under the Shares option for a contact.

4. How does the distribution list look after you share it with the customers?

To use the distribution list, head over to Compose and type the name of the list you want to use in the To field, type in your message, and hit send.

(As best practice we recommend having no more than 100 contacts in a distribution list, keeping in mind Gmail's and Outlook's best practices/suggestions, please.)

Once a distribution list is shared, the analytics and engagement can be viewed under the Conversations present on the left menu bar.

Under this, you will find details of visitors who have engaged with your content like:

  • Click rate

  • Open rate

  • Time spent

  • Device name

  • Browser name

  • Date and time of interaction

  • IP address of the visitor

  • Location of the user

You’re all set to share distribution lists with your users.

Still have queries? Send them to us at and we'll be glad to assist.

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