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Move or Copy Content

Know how you can move or copy content

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When your organization deals with large amounts of content there will be a constant need for organizing and rearranging of content. With the Move or Copy feature in Paperflite, you will be able to move multiple assets across your streams and groups in your hub.

Here is how you do it in Paperflite:

Step - 1

In your hub, open any stream or group.

Step - 2

If you wish to move a file(s) from one stream/group to another, select the ‘Move’ option. If you wish to create a copy of an asset(s) in another stream/group, select the ‘Copy’ option

Step - 3

Check all the assets you wish to move and select the Copy or Move button. 

Step - 4

A pane slides in from the side from which you can select the stream or group you want to copy or move the files to and hit confirm.  

Voila! Your files have been moved or copied.

Watch this video to know the the 'Move' feature works:

Watch this video to know the the 'Copy' feature works:

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