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User Groups

Learn how to work seamlessly in Paperflite using 'User Groups'

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A User Group is a set of people who have similar objectives, profiles, and goals. At Paperflite, they help you bring organizational structure.

This feature lets you combine your users into groups that enable you to manage their access, content, and experience.

In this support article we will learn about:

  1. How to create a User Group

  2. How to collaborate a collection with a User Group

  3. How to provide a user group with access to a specific stream

Here is how you create a user group:

Step 1

Once you login to the Paperflite app, head to Settings >> User Management.

Step 2

Under User Management select the Create New Group option.

Step 3

Add a name for your User Group and specify the access levels for it as per your requirement.

Step 4

From the list of users, select the ones you want to add to the group and hit Confirm and proceed to create the user group.

Voila! Your user group is up and running.

Note: If a specific user you add does not have admin or stream access and the user group you added him/her to has admin and stream access, these permissions will automatically apply to the user.

Here is how you collaborate a collection with a user group:

Open the collection you want to collaborate with your user group, click on the three dots in the top-right corner, and select the ‘Collaborate’ option.

From the slide-in menu, select the user group and hit Update.

Here’s how you provide a user group with access to a specific stream:

Step 1

Open the said stream and select the 'Manage User' access icon on the top left.

Step 2

From the list, select the User Group you want to provide access to and assign access levels for it.

Easy, isn't it?

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