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SalesLoft Integration
SalesLoft Integration

Discover how to make Paperflite-SalesLoft integration work for your business

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A platform like SalesLoft enables you to skyrocket your prospect/customer engagement efforts and integrating SalesLoft with Paperflite will equip your sales teams with the right set of content that will sell like hotcakes! Paperflite enables hyper-personalized content creation that is just too good to not engage with.

We shall take a look at how to integrate Paperflite with SalesLoft.

It’s a 3-step process that you get to do before you see the magic happen (and at the end of it, you can either say abracadabra or Ta-Da; both of them works).

Step 1: Downloading Paperflite’s Chrome Extension

Step 2: Setting up SalesLoft in Paperflite

Step 3: Sending Mails & Cadences | Viewing Content Engagement

Step 1: Downloading Paperflite’s Chrome Extension

On your Google Chrome browser, head over to the Google Web Store or simply Google-search for ‘Paperflite Chrome Extension’ within your chrome browser and you will be lead to this link: (

Click on ‘Add to Chrome’ to add the extension.

Then, click on ‘Add Extension’.

The extension will now be added to your Chrome browser.

Now, click on the "Paperflite extension for Chrome" icon on your browser menu and login with your Paperflite credentials.

Once you’re logged in, you will notice a glimpse of all your assets in Paperflite on the extension.

Step 2: Setting up SalesLoft in Paperflite

Log in to your SalesLoft account.

And then, log in to your Paperflite account, go to Settings and click on Integrations.

Then, activate the SalesLoft integration.

Authenticate the integration.

Save your preferences for content engagement by your target audience such as:

A contact/lead views an asset

A contact/lead views a collection

A contact/lead re-shares a collection

Step 3: Sending Mails & Cadences | Viewing Content Engagement

Log in back into your SalesLoft account.

Add / Create your Cadence in SalesLoft based on your need

Try composing an email to your clients/prospects. Notice the Paperflite logo at the bottom of the mail.

Click on it to select assets from Paperflite. Attach content from Paperflite for your campaigns.

When you've attached content, your mail is ready to be sent.

Look up the contacts to whom you have sent emails. Scroll down to 'Activity' to track all the content engagement by your leads/contacts. In addition, you will receive notifications when an asset is viewed/re-shared, and if a collection is viewed.

In your Paperflite account, click on Conversations to know the contact-level analytics. This gives you insights about how your contacts engaged with your content. You will also get notifications when your contacts view/download your content.

Click on each conversation to see more details analytics.

The emails can be incorporated into multiple cadences and all your cadence can have a content strategy of its own planned as per your campaigns.

Your integration with SalesLoft is now complete.

For any further queries or assistance, please drop in a note to and we'll be glad to assist.

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