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Getting started with Engage
Getting started with Engage

This article walks users through the steps involved in Engage.

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In this article you will learn how to use “Engage”, a feature that lets you have live conversations with prospects, once you have shared your collection with them, based on their activity.

Engage helps you know exactly when your prospect is highly engaged with your content, which makes every time you reach out, the right time for revenue.

Here’s what this article will cover:

  1. How to Enable “Engage” within Paperflite

  2. Live User Map

  3. Nudge Cards

  4. Live Engage

  5. Live Chat

  6. Live View

How to enable “Engage” within Paperflite

To enable Engage for specific content you share, go to the asset / Collection you want to share > Generate Link > Select Personalised/Anonymous link > Advanced Settings > Turn on Enable Engage > Save Changes and share the link.

Note: Engage is an optional feature and has to be enabled individually for each account. If it’s not enabled for your account and would like to have it enabled, please contact your Account Administrator or Paperflite’s customer success champion.

Once enabled and sent, head to the Engage tab on the left-hand menu bar. The Engage tab is where you will see all the details on your customers with whom you have shared any collection or asset with. Here’s what you should see:

Live User Map

Live User Map gives you a geographical representation of the users who are engaging with your content. Here’s what the various dots represent:

  • Pink (Primary colour): Indicates the current active users

  • Dark grey: Indicates active users in the last 24 hours.

  • Light grey: Indicates active users in the last 1 week.

Each dot represents a country and the number of people who have interacted with your content.

Here’s what you would see in a live user map:

Nudge Cards

Nudge cards help you identify signals from buyers or prospects and prompts you to take action based on the information presented through the different cards. They can also help you prioritize follow-ups based on prospect activity.

The Nudge cards dynamically push relevant cards based on user activity. There are 5 Nudge cards available under the Here’s what is happening tab next to the Live User Map based on the recency of user activity. They’re categorized based on:

  • Time

  • User Activity

  • Sessions

  • Leads

  • Live users

Note: When clicked on the User Activity-based Nudge Cards you're lead to that users Live Engage screen.

Live Engage

To keep a tab on the Engage history across recipients, simply scroll down from the Live User Map. The Recipients will give you details on:

  • My Recipients: All the recipients for whom Engage has been enabled

  • Live Users: Users who are active and are currently engaging with the content you’ve shared

  • Unread Chats: All conversations you’ve not yet opened

  • Email notification for offline users: You get notified via email when a Paperflite user is offline. Messages will be accumulated for 3 hours, and will be compiled and sent to you via email.

We also give you the ability to toggle on and view all the recipients using Engage on your Paperflite account so that no conversation goes unread. This feature is available on the extreme right. This will also give the ability to assist any of your colleagues if they are not available. Please refer to the above screenshot.

Live Chat

Live Chat helps you to view any active users who are looking at the content shared. You can get into a chat with them at the click of a button. Live chat shows you the "Live view slider" which will show you the page that your prospect is reading during your conversation. Thus helping you with context while reaching out to your prospect. And also gives you an upper hand in driving the conversation the way you intend to. If any user who you want to engage in a conversation with is offline and if that user is already a part of your contacts, then Live chat will trigger an email to their registered email address.

Here’s what you would see in Live Engage:

Live engage also gives you an option to block a contact if you dont want to engage in a conversation with that particular contact. Please refer the below screenshot.

Live View

See exactly what your prospect is viewing in real-time with Live View.

Under My Recipients, as you click on any contact you get to see what content they’re currently viewing as and when they scroll between different pages of content. This is displayed right next to their chat window helping you to initiate a chat with more insights!

And, that's how you get started with Engage.....

Still confused? Not to worry, please contact for anything else.

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