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Learn how to work seamlessly in Paperflite using 'User Roles’

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In this support article we will learn the different types of User Roles and how to create Custom Roles on your account.

Select the appropriate access level they ought to have – as an administrator or a user who can create Streams (in My Hub) or a user without the ability to create Stream.

Giving administrator access to your team member will enable the user to have the same permissions as you.

There are various levels of permissions a user can have. Below are the 5 User roles already available with different levels or permissions.

  1. Administrator: The admin has access to everything on the Paperflite platform and can invite users.

  2. BI Analyst: A BI Analyst will have access to view the hub, create own collections and view the analytics under the Shares, Conversations and Reports. On the settings module, a BI Analyst has access to Integrations, Email templates and notifications.

  3. Content Publisher: A content publisher has the same access as the administrator but limited access to settings. Content publisher has access to Connect sources, Integrations, Email templates and Notifications.

  4. Normal user: A normal user has similar access to a BI Analyst but limited when it comes to reporting. The user will only be able to view their respective shares and analytics.

  5. Lite User: A lite user has limited access to the account. The user can view all the content but can’t edit.

Please note: If a user is a non-administrator, but has access to create Streams, the user will be able to see all content produced in your organization, curate and distribute content from it. Click here to know how to create Streams.

Custom Roles:

The admin of an account can create custom user roles as per the requirements and choose the respective permissions .

To do so, head to Settings > Choose Manage Roles > Create role > Give a Role name > Permissions > Create.

And boom! You're all set!

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