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Learn how you can integrate Paperflite with Slack and track your audience’s content consumption behavior by getting real-time notifications.

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Slack has become synonymous with internal communication and collaboration. And Slack is also a tool Sales reps end up spending a lot of time on.

Wouldn’t you then want to know how your prospects are engaging with your content right here on Slack?

With this integration, you can:

1. Get real-time updates on how your audience is engaging with your content (i.e., the number of views, downloads, re-shares etc.)

2. You get all your Paperflite notifications on your favorite communication tool.

Steps involved:

  1. Integrating Slack into your Paperflite account.

  2. Adding Paperflite to your Slack application

  3. Viewing notifications.

1. How to integrate slack into your Paperflite account.

Step 1:

Head to Settings > Integrations > Select Notifications > Click on the Slack tab.

Step 2:

Click on Activate

Step 3

Authenticate the Slack Integration.

After authenticating, it will take the user to the slack permissions window. Kindly go through the permissions and select allow.

2. How to add Paperflite on your Slack application

Head to Slack application > Apps > Search for Paperflite > Add Paperflite Interaction Updates

3. How the notifications would look.

The below images show how the pop-up notifications and Slack notifications would look like.

Pop-up notifications

Slack notifications

Voila! You’re all set with the integration.

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