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Promotion Settings

In this article, you will learn how to promote any content within your Paperflite platform and how it will be beneficial for you.

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This feature will help you to promote any content or a new feature you would like to highlight to your team at any point in time. This could range from any content piece you feel they can leverage but hasn’t been shared as much or even any company-wide event or feature highlight which will then draw their attention and drive better follow-ups with their prospects. Please refer to the below screenshot to see how the promotion will look in your content hub.

How to turn on Promotion Settings

  1. To promote any content, go to Settings > Account > Promotion Settings. Please refer to the below screenshot:

2. Click on Promote New. This will lead you to a search bar as in the below screenshot from which you can select the content piece you would like to be promoted.

Pro tip 1: Please try to insert a good user description so that the content can be easily understood at one glance.

Pro tip 2: If you are inserting any thumbnails, please use png format for better clarity.

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