Don’t we all love customizing things according to our comfort?

Your Paperflite content experiences just got a whole lot more creative.

Using the new customization feature to edit sections of your content hub, you gain the ability to change the way your content is displayed, selected, and consumed by the rest of your team.

In this article, you’ll learn about:

  1. Creating sections

  2. Rearranging Sections

  3. Managing Sections

  4. Deleting Sections

Creating sections

Step 1:

To edit your layouts, toggle on the Hub Edit Mode option.

Step 2:

Hover over the section that already exists, and you will notice a + button to Create new sections.

Step 3

Choosing your layout and style to begin with:

There are three layout variations that you can use to add a new section.

1. Streams - Choose a layout that can categorize your Streams and group them in the most relevant way.

Layout Palette:

Carousel Portrait: A carousel scroll with portrait thumbnails that’s most suitable for Streams. When compared to Carousel Landscape, this mode displays the most streams per screen.


Carousel Landscape: A carousel scroll of Streams with landscape thumbnails. Highlights the thumbnail designs for a visually rich experience.


2. Collections - Choose a layout that can showcase your pre-designed Collections in the best way possible.

Layout Palette:

Carousel: A carousel scroll of Collections with landscape thumbnails. Highlights the thumbnail designs for a visually rich experience.


3. Assets - Choose a layout that can enable easy discovery of Assets on your Hub.

Layout Palette:

Carousel: A carousel scroll of Assets with portrait thumbnails.


Metro Combination: One Asset is highlighted as an Info Card while the others are displayed as smaller thumbnails around it. Ideal for a group of Assets that are related.


Info cards: ​​A descriptive snapshot of Assets with portrait thumbnails. Provides a helpful summary of the Assets and enables easy discovery.


Step 4:

Once the layout is selected, add Content to the section. Click Next, once you have chosen your layout.

There are two ways you can add content:

1. Manual Selection: Handpick the content you want to display on your Hub. Add the recommended number of Streams, Collections, and Assets for the chosen layouts for the best possible experience. Here’s how you can add content manually:

> Let’s start with renaming the new section. Click the Section 1 default text box at the top of your screen and rename it as per your requirements.

> Click on the Select Content button present in the center of the screen to add the content. The appropriate type of content will appear based on the layout (stream, collection, assets) you've selected.

> Once you have created your section, Save Changes.

2. Smart Filter: Let our intelligent content recommendation filters serve up content automatically. Based on the type of filter and layout you choose, content is dynamically selected and displayed.

  • For Streams:

Recently Viewed Streams: Streams that were recently viewed by the user so they can pick up from exactly where they dropped off.

  • For Collections:

My Collections: Collections created by and collaborated with the user so they can find everything they need without leaving the Hub.

  • For Assets:

Popular with your teams: Assets with the most number of views to easily discover the ones that are read the most by your teams.

Continue where you left: Assets that were most recently viewed by the user so they can be picked up from exactly where thereader dropped off.

Recent additions to Hub: Assets that were recently added to the Content Hub, so nobody has to endlessly scroll to find the latest additions.

Recommended Assets: Paperflite’s AI recommends relevant Assets to a user based on similar users’ reading patterns.

Rearranging Sections

Adjust the position of sections in your content hub however you want to, based on the content you want your team to consume, or even arrange it in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

To arrange your content, toggle on the Hub Edit Mode.

Notice the white box with multiple icons? Use the Up and Down arrow to move your sections and rearrange them according to your preferences.

Managing Sections

Want to make changes to your Sections?

Toggle on the Hub Edit Mode. Within the white box, choose the Pen icon. You can make the desired changes to the layout as well as the content.

Deleting Sections

Is a section not required anymore?

You can delete that section alone. Toggle on the Hub Edit Mode. Within the white box, choose the Delete option and remove that section.

Note: Deleting a custom-created section will not permanently delete the actual content in your hub.

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