Enabling Okta SSO

Follow these in-depth steps to enable Okta Single Sign-On for your organisation's instance of Paperflite

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What is SSO?

Single Sign-On (SSO) refers to enabling a single set of credentials to access different applications. One password to rule them all (and in the darkness bind them?)

It's safer, saves your brain cells from having to remember an extra set of credentials, and makes it even easier to log in to Paperflite.

How does Paperflite enable Okta SSO?

Paperflite supports Okta SSO via SAML 2.0. Short and sweet.

How do I set up Okta SSO for our account?

Step 1:

Go to the Okta admin console. (Ensure you’re logged in) Click on the Applications option present in the left menu bar and select Create App Integration.

Step 2:

Choose the SAML 2.0 application option and click on Next.

Step 3:

Now under General Settings, add the app name Paperflite and optionally upload the logo for easy recognition. Click on Next once you’re done.

Step 4:

On the next screen, Configure your SAML.

Enter Paperflite's "Single sign-on URL" and "Entity ID" details as shown in the picture.

Fill in the fields as listed below! We are near the finish line!

Audience URI (SP Entity ID): app.paperflite.com

Application Username: EMAIL

Response: Unsigned (Under Advanced Settings)

Click on Next, once done.

Step 5:

Under the Feedback tab, choose the below options against the questions asked:

Are you a customer or partner - I'm an Okta customer adding an internal app

App Type - This is an internal app that we have created

Click on 'Finish'.

We're almost done with the configuration.

On the next screen, click on the View SAML setup Instructions.


Send us the data under the IDP metadata to your SP provider which is present under the Optional section by copying the entire data for us to update it on our system. Thank you!

Step 6:

This is an additional screen. Head back to your Applications. Now select your application from the list of SAML applications.

Step 7:

Click on the Assign option and choose from 'Assign to People or Assign to Groups and add the respective users. Bam!

High Fives All Around! Single Sign On is now configured successfully for your app!

If you still have any questions, reach out to support@paperflite.com and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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