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How to use Collection Templates on Paperflite?
How to use Collection Templates on Paperflite?

Learn how you can use collections as Templates within your teams to share the awesome content that you’ve put together.

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A Template is a pre-designed document or presentation that can be used by sales reps to quickly create high-quality, branded content that is tailored to their specific customer or prospect to create custom proposals, and presentations.

At Paperflite, we’ve enabled the ability to create templates that you can readily pull up and create collections with.

Let us now see how we can create templates.

Step 1

Log in to Paperflite at and head to the Collection option in the left side menu bar.

Step 2

Open any collection that you want to be made available as a template and click on the three dots available in the top right corner which previews the Template option amongst others.

Step 3

Toggle on the Template option and click on Confirm.

The collection has successfully been marked as a template. The next step is to make it available for your team to pick up and use.

Once you’ve marked it as a Template, the icon present on the top of a collection will help you identify if it is a Template or not.

Collaborating a Collection

Step 4:

Once you’ve made the collection a template, head back to the three dots and click to Collaborate.

Collaboration allows you to select users that you want to make the template available for. You can then choose how you'd like them to edit (read/write) your collection.

Read: This access essentially means that the user cannot edit your collection or make any changes and can only view the collection.

Note: However, they can clone the collection marked as Template and make changes that would reflect only on the cloned version.

Write: With this access, the user can make any edits to your collection and the changes will be reflected for everyone it has been shared with.

Once you’ve collaborated content with other users, click on ‘Update’ at the bottom of your screen.

Post Collaboration of Collection

Users within your teams get an email notifying them that you have you have collaborated a new collection.

Clicking on Go to Collections will take users directly to their collections in Paperflite, which display their recently-collaborated collections as well.

Managing Templates: View them all in one place

To view all the collections that are available as a Template, head to the Collections window.

There is a default folder named Templates that brings all the collections that are collaborated with you.

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