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Advanced Settings on Paperflite
Advanced Settings on Paperflite

Learn how to apply various advanced settings on Paperflite while sharing content to your recipients.

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Advanced settings are additional settings available when you generate a link or share via Compose.

Below are the additional settings available every time you share content.

Allow Recipients to Download: When you enable this open, it allows the end users to download content present in the collection. There are two sub-options available to downloading content:

  • Editable Download - Once you download, if it is a document that has the editable format such as PPTs, Docs, Google Slides and Google Docs, this gives you the flexibility to use and edit the content offline or share it with others who may not have online access.

  • Read-Only Download - In addition to the editable download option, Paperflite also offers a read-only download. This option allows you to download the content in a format that can only be read and not edited. This is particularly useful if you want tco share content with others but want to ensure that the original content remains unchanged.

The download will be available when you open a particular asset.

Allow Recipients to Reshare: When this option is available, your recipients can click on the share option and reshare it with anyone they want to. Don’t worry, the share will get recorded in our conversations do you’re aware of who is viewing your content.

When you click on the share button, a pop-up window with our default template will appear for you to add the email and share the collection.

Enable Email Gating: This feature allows you to require users to provide their email address before they can access your content. This feature is particularly useful if you want to generate leads or build your email list.

Validate work email: You can also choose to allow only work emails to ensure quality leads.

Here’s how the email gating would look for the end user:

Enable Engage: The Engage feature in Paperflite allows you to engage with your audience in real-time while they are consuming your content. This feature helps you to build stronger relationships with your prospects and customers by providing a more interactive and personalized experience.

Note: To activate engage on your account, reach out to and we’ll be happy to help you with it.

Set a Password: You can set a password for your link to ensure that only authorized users can access it. This is useful when you are sharing sensitive or confidential content. Don't forget to inform your recipients of the password they need to use to view the content.

Here’s how your password protected collection would look before entering the password.

Set an expiry date & time: You can set an expiration date and time for your link to ensure that it is no longer accessible after a certain period of time. This can be useful for time-sensitive content or for ensuring that outdated content is not accessed.

Here’s how the link would look when the collection expires.

Enable NDA: A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a legal contract between two or more parties that outlines confidential or proprietary information that cannot be shared with others. In the context of Paperflite, an NDA can be shared with your audience as a way to protect your confidential information and ensure that it is not shared or distributed without your permission.

Choose a NDA from the templates available. If you want to create a custom template, here’s how you can do it.

Make sure you save all the changes made to your collection and copy the updated link.

Still got queries? Reach out to and we’ll be happy to help.

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