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Social Share on Paperflite
Social Share on Paperflite

Learn how to share your content on social platforms directly from Paperflite

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Sharing content on various platforms via Paperflite has become so much easier and better.

Here’s an introduction to social sharing on Paperflite. Now share your content across various platforms directly from Paperflite.

Anyone can now share information on social platforms with a single click from a collection or any asset that they are viewing instantly across a web app or devices.

In this article, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Share an asset on social media platforms

  2. Share a collection on social media platforms

Sharing an asset:

Go to your Content Hub and open the respective asset you want to share. Hover over the Share option present at the top of your screen.

Apart from sending the asset via email, you can share the asset directly on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Note: Please login to the respective platforms in another window before sharing to ensure direct access.

Sharing a Collection:

Head to the collection you wish to share and hover over the Share option on the rightmost side of your screen.

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