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Integrating Paperflite with Freshchat
Integrating Paperflite with Freshchat

Learn how you can integrate with Freshchat to ensure seamless communication with your customers

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Integrating Freshchat with Paperflite can help improve customer support and engagement by enabling real-time chat conversations with website visitors, while also streamlining the customer support process. This integration can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing prompt and effective support.

If your organization is using Freshchat to provide help desk support to customers, you can also integrate it for Collections and Assets within Paperflite to ensure seamless communication.

In this article, you’ll learn how to integrate Freshchat with Paperflite.

Note: In order to integrate Paperflite with Freshchat, you will need to generate a token from your Freshchat account.

Step 1

Login to your Freshchat account, head to Settings on the left-hand menu bar, and choose Admin Settings.

Step 2

Once you’re in, navigate to the Website Tracking, Integrations, and APIs section and select API Settings.

Under API Settings, next to Account API Key, Click on Generate Token and your token will be automatically generated.

Copy the API Key to add to your Paperflite account for the integration.

Step 3

Next, after you generate the token, log into your Paperflite account from Head to Settings > Integrations > Select Messaging > Click on the Freshchat tab.

Click on Activate.

Step 4

Paste in the token number that you generated earlier and choose where you want the chat icon to be displayed.

> Customizing your chat pop-up - You can edit the alignment and the colors of the icon that will be displayed on your collections or assets as per your preference.

Step 5

Once you’re done customizing the icon, Click on Activate, and the integration will consequently be successful. Be sure to click on Save Changes to finish.

Step 6

Now whenever you share a collection or asset, the recipients will be able to communicate through the icon below, which will be displayed as per the alignment you chose earlier.

Here’s how the Freshchat pop-up will show up for the recipients

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