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Integrating Paperflite with Drift
Integrating Paperflite with Drift

Learn how you can integrate with Drift to ensure seamless communication with your customers

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If your organization is using Drift to provide help desk support to customers, you can also integrate easily it for Collections and Assets within Paperflite to ensure seamless communication

In this article, you will learn:

  1. What is Drift?

  2. How to integrate Drift with Paperflite?

What is Drift?

Drift is a live chat software integration. Drift's Conversation Cloud helps businesses connect with customers in the moments that matter most.

How to integrate Drift with Paperflite?

To integrate with Drift, the first thing needed would be an account on the Drift platform. Post which, you have to enter your Drift Id to "Activate" the integration in the Paperflite platform.

Step 1

To begin with, log into your Drift account, head to Settings, and navigate to the Install tab. get your Drift ID from there.

Step 2

Under the Install tab, you have to expand the Javascript code.

Step 3

Within the block of code, scroll down, and you will find the Site ID next to “drift.load” within brackets. Highlight the Site ID and right-click to copy it, as shown below.

Step 4

Once you’ve copied the DriftID, log into your Paperflite account.

Select the Settings option present on the left-hand menu bar and choose Integrations > Drift under the messaging tab. Click on Activate.

Step 5

Once you’re inside the Drift integration tab, paste in the Drift ID that you got earlier. Click Activate and the integration will consequently be successful.

Step 6

The chat icon will be displayed in the right corner of the window. You can choose what colour you want the chat icon to be displayed by adding the Hex code and customizing the text as per your preference.

Step 7

Once you’ve activated it, the integration will consequently be successful. Don’t forget to click on Save Changes to finish.

Step 8

Now whenever you share a collection or asset, the recipients will be able to communicate through the icon below which will be displayed as per the alignment you chose earlier.

Here’s how the Drift chat pop-up will appear for the recipients.

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