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Deal Room

Learn how you can create a Deal Room in Paperflite

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What is a ‘Deal Room’?

Deal Room is a digital sales room where sales reps may invite stakeholders from both the buyer and seller sides, engage and share content, and close deals faster.

When creating a collection in Paperflite, you can now choose between Metro, Carousel, and Deal Room experiences.

How can you create a ‘Deal Room’?

Log in to the Paperflite app and go to ‘Collections’ on the left-hand menu, and click on ‘Create New Collection’ and name it appropriately.

Once you've named the collection, click 'Change experience' and select 'Deal room' from the list of collection types, then select your preferred viewer.

Your Deal Room is now set up.

The Deal Room will comprise of the following sections:

Overview - Will contain the heading, background, and a description of the Collection. The company logo you set in your account will be automatically picked up as the Internal Logo for the Deal Room.

Collaborators - Will include a list of the deal's internal and external members.

  • Contributors can include anyone on the seller's side who has Paperflite platform access and with whom you can collaborate to view or edit the collection.

  • Stakeholders can include top-level executives, decision-makers, or financial personas from the seller's side who simply need view access to the collection.

  • Participants can include anyone from the buyer's side who needs view access to the collection. You have the option of managing and inviting the people who will be involved in the deal based on your needs.

Resources - All assets that need to be added to this collection will be included under Resources. You will also be able to add sections to make it easier to discover the right piece of content.

‘Participants’ from the buyer’s side will also be able to add content from their end as well.

Activities - This section will include all of your recipients' activities, as well as the date and time, such as email opened, link clicked, asset viewed, asset reshared, and so on.

When a Deal Room is shared, the end user will have the same view available to them on their end.

All Deal Rooms will be Live collections by default, with OTP Authentication required to ensure security.

If you still have any questions, reach out to and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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