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In this article, you will learn how to clone your hub and configure your hub settings. Why is this useful you ask? Cloning a hub ensures that one can tailor their Content Hub experiences like never before.

Imagine having not just one, but multiple hub layouts at your fingertips. With the ability to clone hubs, you can create, edit, and save your hub layout without affecting the original instance. This allows you to have multiple hub layouts and assign them by user groups.

1. Here are the steps you would need to follow to clone your hub:

1.1. Log in to your Paperflite account.

1.2. Go to the "Hub" section of your account,

1.3. Select the hub that you want to clone. (Click on the hub name to change the hub that you want to clone- In this picture β€œWelcome to the hub”)

1.4. Once you choose the hub, Click on the "Clone" button or option.

1.5. Click on the "Clone" or "Confirm" button to initiate the cloning process.

1.6. Wait for the cloning process to complete. This may take a few moments depending on the size of the hub.

1.7. Once the cloning process is finished, you will see the cloned hub in the selected collection or stream.

Now that you have cloned your hub, you will have to configure your Hub settings so that you can configure the access and permissions for the specific cloned hubs. These settings allow users to manage access and permissions.

In the provided context, the hub settings include options such as managing access, deleting hubs, and assigning user groups to layouts. Users with administrative or publishing privileges can access these settings to control who has access to the hub and its content. They can also create and delete layouts within the hub.

Additionally, the hub settings may include options to change the background of the hub or stream, customize the layout and design, and make other adjustments to suit the user's preferences.

Overall, hub settings provide users with the ability to tailor the hub to their specific needs and manage various aspects of its functionality and access.

2. To set the permission and access for your hub layouts:

2.1. The first step is to ensure that groups are created in the user management tab. Head over to settings>Click on Account> User management> User groups>Create user group and give access as required.

2.2. Once that is done, under account settings go to Hub settings> Manage layout>choose the user group who could have access to the cloned hubs you created.

This is ideally the way to go about cloning hubs, it adds to the layers of content you can store for various teams. Feel free to reach out to for any other queries.

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