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You know what they say, “Content is King,” but let’s face it—sometimes managing all that royal treasure can feel more like a royal pain, am I right?

Fret not, because we have exactly what you need — the Content Manager on Paperflite, designed exclusively for Content Administrators.

What can this Content Manager do for you (apart from taking you to your treasures)?

● Easily manage and stay on top of all your content assets within the platform (no more Excel sheet downloads).

● Bulk update metadata categories for multiple pieces of content in one go. Imagine the time you’ll save!

● Update permissions for multiple assets within a stream or a group at once. Because who likes clicking into each item individually? Not us!

So, how do you go about organizing your content?

Step 1: Head to your content hub, and on the top right, you will see a gear icon that says “Content Manager."

Step 2: You’ll then see a list of all your assets — this is where you can organize your content.

Step 3: The dropdown on top will allow you to filter content by various metadata categories — asset, stream, file type, tags, and many more.

Step 4: Select your filter, and you will see a list of content pieces that match your filters. Now, you can select these pieces and update values and/or permissions.

For administrators, this is where you can create custom clusters. In other words, the content hub becomes the organization-wide content structure, but within the content manager, you can choose to have clusters by either content type or any other custom field category that allows you to know how many pieces of content have been uploaded to the platform.

What's New?

You can now receive an Asset Master Report in the form of a CSV file, by clicking on 'Export' in the top-right corner of the Content Manager if you wish to get a detailed overview of all the Assets in your Content Hub.

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