Apart from the different ways of viewing analytics, you can also view analytics via the Paperflite 'Reports' feature. Access to the Reports is provided to a few key administrators who’re responsible for content strategies, budgets, its application in generating revenues etc. Typical profiles are Chief Marketing Officers, Sales Leadership, Chief Strategy Officers.

Log in to Paperflite at https://www.paperflite.com and look for ‘Reports’ in the left-hand menu-bar.

The Reports feature produces engagement metrics across two important parameters at an organization-level: Content Discovery and Content Engagement.

Content Discovery

Content Discovery metrics are mostly internal that tell you how your content was discovered by your team. It includes the below metrics for specified durations (i.e., daily, weekly, monthly etc.):

  • % of assets never discovered

  • % of assets viewed once

  • % of assets viewed twice

  • % of assets viewed more than three times

Then, there are other metrics that Paperflite measures and represents it in graphical format such as:

  • The number of assets

  • The number of team members

  • The number of shares

Each of the above metrics can be viewed for a time period ranging from 7 days till the last 6 months.

Besides, Paperflite also tracks metrics such as:

The above screenshot shows a portion of the dashboard under the ‘Discovery’ parameter. Notice the numbers that load up at the top of the screen related to content discovery amongst your internal teams. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to find out more such as content pieces that are most popular amongst your team members and the top users of your content.

Content Engagement

Content engagement metrics is mostly external that tell you how your content was engaged by your prospects. It includes the below metrics for specified durations (i.e., ranging from 7 days until 6 months or choose your date range):

  • Number of shares

  • Number of unique viewers

  • The average attention span

  • Number of asset views

The below screenshot shows how some of the above metrics are measured and displayed to key management personnel.

Besides, Paperflite tracks the below metrics of your content engagement by prospects/customers:

  • The most popular viewers

  • The top viewers

  • The top accounts

  • Your campaign performance

  • Content sharing

The ‘Reports’ feature is extremely useful in figuring out how your content is being used by your teams and external users. Use the feature to make your content strategy more impactful such that it resonates more with your target audience.

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