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How Do I Share Content in Paperflite?
How Do I Share Content in Paperflite?

Know the various ways you can share your awesome content

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Today, content sells your stuff like hotcakes!

That is why businesses are leaving no stone unturned to produce the most contextual and brilliant content that they possibly can to lure their prospects/customers into buying more of their products/solutions.

But, then unless your customers see your content, how do you move them ahead in the pipeline?

Or, simply put, what if you can't send them in a manner they'd be pleased to see?

In that case, you're not monetizing your content, i.e., not doing enough to make more money. After having spent so much time and effort to put together superb content, why not go the distance in sending them in a customized manner.

There are many ways to share content using Paperflite, which we've highlighted here.

Quick Send - The first is a quick and easy way to send content called QuickSend. It works best when you'd like to send content in a jiffy. You can use email templates in it that you've stored in Paperflite to your mail as well.

Don't forget that QuickSend will not work without attaching content.

Click here to know further how to make good use of the 'QuickSend' feature.

Generate Link - This feature gives you numerous ways to share/customize your outreach. Open the Asset/Collection > Click on Generate Link on the top-right corner.

Send your customized collection or an asset using the 'Generate Link' feature. Use the personalized link feature in 'Generate Link' to track the engagement patterns of your content piece.

Or, send it using an 'Anonymous Link.' Moreover, you could allow its download and re-share or even set passwords and an expiry timeframe for your content in this feature so that it is used appropriately.

If you'd like a deep-dive in to this feature, click here.

Okay, both the above methods were ways of sending content externally. How about sharing content internally within your teams?

Collaborate - The 'Collaborate' feature lets you make content available to others in your team/organization.

Imagine you've created a Collection in Paperflite of the most suitable content pieces that you think your customers would love to have. Now, what if you want to share it with a few of your teams so that they could benefit from it?

It is simple -  go to the Collection you've just created. Notice the 'Collaborate' option in the menu on the top and click on it. 

It gives you the names of your team members with whom you can easily collaborate it easily. Here's a detailed step-by-step procedure of making the most of this feature.

Besides, you could send content through the wide suite of integrations that we have: CRMs like Freshsales, Marketing Automation tools such as Klenty and Email providers like Gmail and Outlook.

And, we're constantly adding more of these everyday!

Each of these links will walk you through how to integrate with them.

Still have queries? Send them to us at and we'll be glad to assist. 

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