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How Will My Content Appear to My Prospect/Customer?
How Will My Content Appear to My Prospect/Customer?

Learn how your content will be displayed to your prospect/customer

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Ever wondered how your content sent via Paperflite is displayed to your prospects/customers? (Click here to know the various ways to send content just in case you'd like a quick refresher.)

For the record, it appears quite intuitive to them :). 

The below screen grab shows how a Collection shared with a prospect/customer appears on their screen.

In the above screen grab, the content shared is aligned in a manner that your prospect can easily click on one and browse through before moving to the next piece. That applies to any type of content such as videos, images, PPTs, DOCX etc. 

On the far left corner of the Collections, notice the 'View Library' button that lets you view the entire library of Assets and Collections shared with a prospect. Here's how that looks. Click on Collections to view all of what you've shared in the past.

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