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How Do I Add a Thumbnail To My Videos?
How Do I Add a Thumbnail To My Videos?

Know how you can add a thumbnail image to your videos

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For most assets types that you upload in Paperflite, the platform is designed to use a thumbnail of the front page.

For example, if you've uploaded a PDF document, you will see a preview of the asset automatically picked up by the platform.

However, for videos, you will need to do it manually. Let's see how you can easily do it.

Click on the video that you've added to Paperflite. You will notice the asset has a default icon as its thumbnail/preview image.

Notice the option to edit the the video thumbnail at the top.ย 

Click on it to see the option to upload a new picture for your video from your local computer. Once you've uploaded it, click on 'Update' at the bottom and you're done!

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